Gay MacDonald

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Executive Director, UCLA Early Care and Education

Born and raised in British Columbia, Canada, Macdonald taught secondary-school English in Berkshire and Oxfordshire, England. She served as director of Westwood Presbyterian Preschool in L.A. and as director of the early-childhood unit of Saint Matthew’s Episcopal School in Pacific Palisades before coming to UCLA in 1991.

What is your most treasured possession?
I have a copy of “The New Galt Cookbook” that was published in 1896. It has been given from one woman to another in my family and has handwritten notes in it.

What is your favorite journey?
I once took a monthlong tour of Britain. One of the best parts of that trip was re-creating “Mrs. Dalloway’s walk” through the city of London.

What is the most overrated virtue?
Perhaps it’s focusing too much on being virtuous. That seems to lead to a narrow sort of rectitude that contributes to many problems in the world today.


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